This website shows the complete use of animation effects, making the website really come to life. Animations in websites create a cool, modern feel, while remaining professional and clean.

It is a single-page site design. All of the content is placed onto a single landing page in a linear fashion. The page is navigated by either scrolling throughout the page or using the navigation bar to use automatic navigation.


This is a sample of a real estate website design. The website opens up to a beautiful full-screen image with overlaying text for a crystal clear initial presentation – a truly captivating and immersive feature.

The content portion of this website professionally showcases different properties that are available with a price and descriptive text for each.


This website also opens up to a full screen image with clear text explaining the purpose of the site. It also contains a form for customers to begin their search immediately without having to navigate around and search for what they’re looking to do.

The main content of the page offers suggestions for popular travel options that other customers are taking advantage of. The site uses animated features to bring the page to life.